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    Tesla Truck To Launch On November 21

    When Tesla first launched the production Model Y in March this year Tesla apparently removed an image from their presentation. The image was one of a futuristic looking pickup truck.  

    Now Elon Musk, Mr Tesla, has tweeted that Tesla would be announcing the launch of their new electric pickup truck, known as the “Cybertruck” very soon, in fact on November 21st. The launch will be near the SpaceX facility which is located in Los Angeles. A teaser of this new pickup truck was embedded in the credits at the end of 1982’s Blade Runner. Elon Musk referred to the film in his tweets, stating that November 2019 in Los Angeles because, “Of course that’s why”.

    In January it was said that the company would be unveiling the Tesla truck before the summer of 2019, however that has already been and gone. The new November timeline is handy and fits well giving the Cybertruck an added buzz, as the media will already be travelling to Los Angeles for the LA Auto Show that is on at about the same time.

    No official details of the truck have really been announced yet, Mr Musk has said previously that he is projecting the Tesla pickup to be priced under $US50,000, 

    When you think that Americans buy more pickup trucks or pickups than any other type of car or vehicle, it seems like the Tesla building one was more a matter of when than if. And with competition coming from Ford as they get set to enter the market with an electric Ford F150 and the Amazon-backed Rivian, Tesla is likely going to want and perhaps need first mover advantage in this segment. Again Elon has set the stage for a very memorable launch. 

    It has been claimed that Musk has said that,”I think the Tesla Cybertruck is our best product ever,” on Tesla’s latest earnings call on October 23 2019.