• Nord VPN

    NordVPN Review – Why It’s the Best VPN For Streaming and Surfing the Web

    In this NordVPN Review, we’ll cover the security, speed, location, and price aspects of NordVPN. We’ll also look at the app’s privacy settings and what you can do to control the service. Read on for our recommendations. Then, try NordVPN out for yourself! Here’s why it’s the best VPN for streaming and surfing the web! And don’t forget to check out our NordVPN Price Comparison Chart!


    When comparing VPN providers, NordVPN is the clear winner when it comes to security. The company’s advanced encryption uses AES-256-GCM for maximum security. It also offers 3072-bit Diffie-Hellman keys and SHA2-384 authentication for maximum security. Additionally, the company offers Perfect Forward Secrecy, a unique security feature which ensures that data is protected even under the worst scenario.

    In 2018, NordVPN announced that it had undergone an independent audit of its no-logs policy. The company had contracted with PricewaterhouseCoopers A.G. in Switzerland to conduct an audit. In addition to verifying that NordVPN does not keep logs, the audit team discovered the Bug Bounty Program. If you are curious about this new program, you can read the full audit report. NordVPN’s security program also offers an independent Bug Bounty Program, which pays people to report bugs or vulnerabilities to the company. The rewards vary from $5 to $50k.

    CyberSec, a security feature of NordVPN, is a powerful all-in-one ad and malware blocker. It not only blocks malicious websites but also protects your privacy from annoying flashy ads. In addition to blocking ads, this feature also prevents your device from being used in DDoS attacks. CyberSec is particularly useful if you’re using a mobile device without many ad-blocking options.

    Apart from adware, viruses and spyware, NordVPN also offers protection against data theft. By using NordVPN on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll never have to worry about losing your important data or information. Its intuitive interface and secure encryption will keep you safe from cybercriminals. Its software is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Android, and allows you to choose a server according to your needs. The company’s privacy and security are the top priorities, so they need to be protected at all times.

    Nord VPN Screenshot


    The speed of NordVPN depends on many factors. The protocols it uses, the number of servers it connects to, the time of day, and advanced features, like double VPN, will all affect the speed. Fortunately, NordVPN offers many different speeds. For a quick comparison, we took a speed test of the service. Its download speed was 369 Mbps. With that said, it’s important to remember that you’ll likely experience slower speeds when using this service.

    While the speed of NordVPN is decent for Windows, it’s not as fast as other VPN services. While some users experience slow connection speeds, these problems can be easily solved by restarting the VPN connection or configuring your modem and router. It’s important to keep in mind that speed may vary between different devices, so you’ll want to check your connection speed with your mobile phone. As for the protocol used, NordVPN uses the NordLynx protocol, which is faster than OpenVPN.

    If you’re concerned about speed, NordVPN has several ways to help. The software encrypts your data, passes it through a secure server, and decrypts it at its final destination. While this may sound like an inefficient process, it’s crucial to remember that the distance between the VPN server and your device is a factor in how fast it will be. By taking these precautions, you’ll be able to enjoy your NordVPN service without buffering. If you’re concerned about speed, consider purchasing the 2-year plan. The two-year plan is a great deal, as it will give you 65% off!

    Another feature of NordVPN that you should know is that it’s possible to select what parts of your connection you want to be protected. If you’re worried about being monitored by authorities, you’ll appreciate that it offers multiple encryption layers, which is essential for high-level privacy and security. NordVPN is available on Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. But it’s important to remember that NordVPN is still in its experimental phase and can suffer slowdowns due to its multiple layers of encryption.


    When connecting to a VPN server, you’ll usually be automatically connected to the one that’s closest to you. However, you can choose a server yourself if you’d prefer. Manually selecting a server can give you better connection speeds, as these servers tend to be less busy than those recommended by NordVPN. In addition, you can purchase dedicated IPs from various sources. Here’s a look at how these servers differ from one another.

    As NordVPN has 5126 servers around the world, you’ll have no trouble finding a server that’s close to where you are. Fortunately, their network is reliable and has a very low downtime. The company also offers high-quality service, so you won’t experience any slowdowns or disconnections. To find a server, just log in to NordVPN and follow the instructions to select a location.

    When choosing a location for your VPN, be aware that certain regions are censored more severely than others. If you’re in China, for example, you’ll need to access Netflix from a US server to view content on the service. This will give you access to 99% of all Netflix content. Another example is the censorship in China, which means that you won’t be able to watch movies or television shows that you’d otherwise be able to view.

    In general, NordVPN is the best VPN service you can use for accessing Netflix. You can use their service for up to 6 devices at once. The best part is that the company offers a seven-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. As a result, NordVPN is one of the most affordable VPNs available outside of the 14 eyes. Whether you’re using a desktop computer or mobile device, you’ll have the security of a VPN that’s not only fast but also secure.


    You may be wondering what the price of NordVPN is. There are four different VPN plans to choose from. NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with its service. Additionally, you will save up to 70% when you purchase the VPN for three years. You can also take advantage of the free 30-day trial period to see if NordVPN is the right choice for your needs. It is also important to know that NordVPN is a digital asset, so you should expect some cost-related expenses to use the service.

    Getting the best VPN service is not cheap. A monthly subscription to NordVPN will cost you $11 per month. However, if you subscribe for three years, you will pay just $95 per month. That’s not a bad deal at all, considering you’ll have unlimited storage on five-thousand servers around the world. But you need to pay for it ahead of time. You may want to consider purchasing a two-year plan for just $99, or opt for the monthly plan for under $10 per month.

    You can also compare NordVPN and Surfshark. While the two services have similar features, they are priced differently. NordVPN has more servers and dedicated IP addresses. You can also download torrents and use P2P file sharing services with no restrictions. Moreover, NordVPN is faster than Surfshark. And, if you are worried about data leakage, it offers a seven-day free trial on Android, iOS, and macOS.

    In addition to the price of NordVPN, you should check whether there are any other discounts available on its site. You can save up to 70% with NordVPN’s exclusive coupons for its subscription. While you’re at it, don’t forget to take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll be happy you did! And remember that NordVPN is one of the best VPN services on the market today.

    Customer service

    While NordVPN offers great service, their customer support is limited. Their website only offers a few ways to get in touch with them. Their 24 hour support team speaks 13 different languages. However, they often ask for feedback from their customers. Their subscription plans range from monthly to annual, with quote-based plans and special offers. You can read some of the most recent customer comments below. You can also leave your own reviews of NordVPN.

    NordVPN’s customer support team responds to customer queries in as little as 24 hours. While their knowledge base is large and confusing, their staff members are friendly and helpful. If you’re not able to resolve your issue via their knowledge base, they also have a 24/7 live chat system. The chatbox doubles as a chatbot and connects you with live operators who are usually available within a few minutes.

    While NordVPN is a world-class VPN service, there’s no substitute for qualified customer support. It’s always possible to email NordVPN and receive quick assistance for common questions. You can get help setting up your router, installing NordVPN on different platforms, or even canceling recurring payments. They also have extensive online help articles and tutorials for users. You can use this resource to troubleshoot any issues you might be experiencing with your VPN service.

    One of the best things about NordVPN is its server network. They have over 5000 servers in 60 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Netherlands, and Sweden. They are a great option for people who want to stay anonymous online. And the best thing is, their servers don’t log any data. That means that you can trust them with your sensitive information. It’s not like they’re not a scam, either.

  • Wordle

    Just What Exactly Is Wordle?

    Wordle is a web-based puzzle that requires players to guess a valid five-letter word in six tries or less. Within less than three months, more than 300,000 people had played, according to New York Times data. Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, created the game for just the two of them. The web-based game Wordle can be played on a desktop browser or mobile device at According to Morning Consult, 14% of Americans have said they play Wordle. Social media is the main force behind Wordle’s popularity, with 43% of those surveyed who had heard of the game first heard about it on social media.

    Wordle is the latest millennial fad where you must “Guess the hidden word in 6 tries. A new puzzle is available each day”. What is the nature of this game, and why is it so popular?

    What The Heck Is Wordle?

    Wordle is a web-based puzzle in which participants must predict a legitimate five letter word in no more than six attempts. The colour of the tiles will change after each guess to illustrate how close your guess was to the word.

    Every day, everyone is assigned the same word, which changes every 24 hours.

    Wordle was invented by Josh Wardle, the game’s title, Wordle, is a play on his Josh’s last name. Josh, a software programmer in Brooklyn who knew his partner enjoyed word games and decided to make a guessing game specifically for them.

    The game was released on November 1st, and more than 300,000 individuals had played it in less than three months.

    Wardle stated in an interview that he believes people enjoy the fact that there is this thing online that is just so much fun.

    The game isn’t attempting to do anything nefarious with your information or your eyes. This is purely a recreational game and because of this it is so refreshing.

    Josh isn’t a stranger to social experiments.

    According to the former Reddit software engineer, he also launched two collaborative social experiments on the site, The Button and Place, which were both popular at the time.

    Where Do You Play?

    Wordle’s website is straightforward, with no flashy banners or adverts, and no difficult sign-up.

    You can simply go to the website and start playing. is a web-based game that may be played on a desktop browser or a mobile device.

    Wordle is gaining popularity among millennials. Wordle is estimated to be played by 14% of Americans, according to studies.

    According to a research published last week, millennials are driving the most interest in the game.

    Wordle is played by 26% of respondents in the generation, compared to 18% of Gen Zers, 9% of Gen Xers, and only 5% of baby boomers.

    Wordle’s popularity is largely due to social media, with 43 percent of people who had heard of the game saying they first learned about it on social media.

    While Wordle may appear to be the most popular game right now, polling data indicates that the new game has a long way to go before achieving the stature of other mobile games.

    To put it in perspective, 52 percent of adults said they play Candy Crush and 37 percent said they play Words With Friends.

    Despite this, people are still conversing and playing Wordle.


    • According to data, Wordle is a new craze among millennials.
    • What The Heck Is Wordle? Wordle is a web-based puzzle that requires players to guess a valid five-letter word in six tries or less.
    • According to the New York Times, the game was created by Josh Wardle (Wordle is a play on his last name), a software engineer in Brooklyn who knew his partner loved word games, so he created a guessing game for just the two of them.
    • The game was released on Nov. 1, and within less than three months, more than 300,000 people had played, according to the Times.
    • The former software engineer for Reddit told the Times he created two collaborative social experiments on the site, called The Button and Place, that each were popular in their moment.
    • Where Do You Play? The web-based game Wordle can be played on a desktop browser or mobile device at Its simple website features no flashy banners or ads, nor does it require a complicated sign up.
    • Millennials are driving interest in Wordle. According to the data insights company Morning Consult, 14% of Americans have said they play Wordle.

    Social media is the main force behind Wordle’s popularity, reporting that 43% of those surveyed who had heard of the game said they first heard about it on social media. For more tech news, articles, reviews, advice and more check out

  • Online

    Can I Utilize The Steam Deck For More Than Simply Playing Steam Deck Video Games?

    This is an intriguing question and the answer is yes. This console can do more than just play Steam Deck (or just Steam) games. SteamOS on the Steam Deck includes a compatibility device called Proton, allowing any game built for Windows to run on the Steam operating system.

    What’s even neater is that the tool allows you to have more than just the Steam Launcher inbuilt, suggesting you can have non-Steam games operating on it, supplied they’re suitable with the equipment. Read more in our article on the Steam Deck.

    Just How Does the Steam Deck Contrast to the Competition?

    The Steam Deck has some competitors, although until the gadget is readily offered, it’ll be hard to inform just how it contrasts to these various other gaming consoles.

    The Steam Deck is one of the world’s most powerful gaming handheld devices and it is a full-featured gaming computer that allows you to carry your favorite games with you wherever you go. Full-sized thumbsticks, analog triggers, and user-assignable buttons make it possible to play games on the go without sacrificing quality.

    The multi-touch display, two trackpads, and gyroscope on the Steam Deck put all of the power of PC gaming in your hands. You already have your Steam games on your Deck. Simply sign up and start playing.

    With a microSD card, you can expand the game’s storage beyond what’s included. You can even play games on another PC via streaming. Deck uses a special version of Steam that is optimized for mobile gaming and includes features like Cloud saves, Steam chat, and more. The Steam Deck is a powerful and portable PC gaming system.

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  • Google Authenticator

    Using Two Factor Authentication For Greater Protection

    Your online accounts will be less vulnerable to hackers if your passwords are more secure.

    It’s not difficult for crooks to get around passwords. They could gain access to your personal information, email, financial accounts, and credit card information, among other things, if they do this.

    Thanks in part to the prevalence of cellphones, two-factor authentication (2FA) and two-step verification (2SV) make your accounts substantially more secure, often without much extra work.

    What Is the Purpose of Two-factor Authentication?

    Because passwords aren’t always as secure as you believe they are.

    Phishing, brute force assaults, data leaks, and social hacking are just a few frequent workarounds for a single layer of authentication that is prone to phishing. * (For further detail, go to Types of Password Attacks.)

    Worse, if you use the same password for multiple services, you’ll be able to access them all if you crack one.

    Because your password alone is no longer adequate to log in to your account, two-factor authentication adds an extra degree of security.

    Two-step Security Is a Common Option.

    Two-step verification and two-factor authentication have been revolutionized by smartphones. They work with the majority of the most popular options and are really beneficial because most of us are always on the go.

    Some methods of authentication and verification are significantly more efficient or convenient than others, and some are far more secure than others.

    Do a web search for the name of the website or service you wish to protect, as well as the words “two-factor authentication,” “two-step verification,” or their acronyms, to see what options you have.

    Apps for Authentication

    One of the finest trade-offs between security and convenience of use is free programs like Google Authenticator or LastPass Authenticator.

    The software creates a new number code every thirty seconds or so once it is tied to an account. Open your authenticator app and enter the current number for the appropriate service when prompted.

    By allowing you to tap a “authenticate” button, you may send your number code directly to the service.

    It only takes a few seconds to break, and it’s exceedingly difficult for hackers to get into.

    You may end up with many authenticator apps on your phone since certain websites or services require you to use their own app. To make it easier to find them, put them all in the same folder.

    Question of the Day

    Usually, secret questions are used to retrieve passwords that have been forgotten, and they aren’t very safe. You’re open to social hacking from anyone who clicks “forgot my password” if you choose a personal question, such as your mother’s maiden name.


    Some PINs, like passwords, are more widely used than others, making you vulnerable to brute force attacks. Social hacking is another problem if your PIN is a significant date or number to you, or a niche-famous number from TV/movies like 1701 (a Star Trek reference).

    Verification Through Text/SMS

    Verification Through SMSYou’ll receive a one-time code by SMS when you create an account.

    One of the most ineffective ways to protect yourself is to use SMS messaging. In order to obtain the security SMS codes, fraudsters can trick your provider into moving your number to a new SIM card or provider so that they can receive them instead of you.

    Another worry is that if your SMS notifications appear on your phone’s lock screen, someone who has your phone in their possession may be able to view the code without having to unlock it.

    Verification of the Service of Instant Messaging (IM)

    Because your IM account is more difficult to steal than your phone number, this is more secure than an SMS. Before you’re compromised, a fraudster needs to hijack your IM account first. You should be safe if that IM account is locked with an effective second step.

    Because IM notifications appear on your lock screen, someone with your phone could view any code sent to you, just like SMS.

    Verification Through Email

    You’ll receive an email with a one-time code. This is only possible if your email account has previously been hijacked by a criminal. This might be a secure and simple way if your email account is locked down with second-step security.

    The code may be displayed without unlocking your phone if your email alerts appear on the lock screen.

    Authentication With a USB Security Key

    USB Security KeyGovernments and corporations used to use dedicated USB security keys, but now companies like Yubico are making them available to the general people. Plug the key into a USB port when prompted, and you’ll be able to complete the sign-in process.

    Because they can’t be remotely hacked, their unique code changes each time they’re used, and newer models contain a sensor that detects if someone is touching them, security keys are incredibly secure.

    You may be able to bypass the password entirely and solely utilize the key as a means of authentication, but this is still uncommon.

    A USB stick and some specific software can also be used to produce your own security key. It’s difficult to do, and the best programs for it are expensive.

    USB keys, on the other hand, are simple to lose and inconvenient if your USB ports are occupied or awkwardly positioned, and restricting if your security key doesn’t work with your phone, and if your security key doesn’t work with your phone.

    To make things easy for yourself, it’s also tempting to leave them plugged into a laptop, tablet, or phone. However, if you lose that gadget, the key will be given to whoever finds it.

    What if I Forget to Bring My Authentication Card?

    There are usually ways to recover your log-in information if you lose access, whether you’re using an authentication app, fingerprint ID, or some other 2FA or 2SV approach.

    When you first sign up for an authentication app, you’ll often be given a code or a collection of codes to write down. If you wish to be able to recover any lost sign-in information, keep these handy.

    A PIN or a secret question-style “I forgot my password” system, for example, could be a less secure alternative to a fingerprint ID.

    If you lose access to your authentication or verification credentials, any system you sign up for should include instructions on how to retrieve your accounts. Check on them before jumping in if you’re concerned about losing access.

    Methods for Stealing Passwords


    You are tricked into handing over your personal information, login names, and passwords by phishing. This can be done in a variety of ways, and even hardened security experts can be fooled.

    Attacks with brute force

    Brute force attacks, which are one of the most fundamental types of account hacking, make millions of educated guesses as soon as possible. Before going on to dictionary words and common phrases, they tend to try common passwords first, such as “123456,” “password1,” and “iloveyou,” among many others.

    A strong, one-of-a-kind password can protect you from a brute-force assault, but it’s no substitute for 2FA or 2SV.

    Breach of data

    Your account with a service, organization, or website could be a target for hackers. They can take your username and password from a database and use it to log in from afar. Data breaches may affect anybody, from small websites to giants like Facebook.

    Hacking Information through social

    In what ways are your social media accounts open? Hacking your social media accounts involves someone looking up public information, such as what you or others on social media list, and using it to break into your accounts.

    If your password contains something personal, such as a family member’s or pet’s name, it can be deduced with a little digging.

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    Nordvpn’s Latest Update Brings Dark Web Monitor and Security Score to Windows

    NordVPNNordVPN’s new upgrades make it easier to stay safe when you are online. The dark web monitor scans the dark web for the email address used to register your NordVPN account, and raises an alert if your details are detected in a data breach. The Security Score measures your current security level as a percentage, and gives advice on how to boost this to improve your safety.

    • NordVPN’s latest update brings Dark Web Monitor and Security Score to WindowsNordVPN’s fresh additions make it simpler to stay safe onlineNordVPN has just updated its VPN app on Windows, finally bringing a couple of handy Mac and mobile features to the desktop.
    • Similar features are available in the best identity theft protection services, as well as the best antivirus suites and even some of the best password managers.
    • NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor, released on iOS back in November 2020, scans the dark web for the email address used to register your NordVPN account, and raises an alert if your details are detected in a data breach.
    • Security Made EasyDark Web Monitor works automatically, but is turned off by default.
    • NordVPN’s new Security Score rates your current protection level as a percentage, and gives advice on how you can boost this to improve your safety.

    NordVPN’s VPN client for Windows has recently been upgraded, bringing a few of useful Mac and mobile capabilities to the desktop for the first time.

    The finest identity theft protection programs, as well as the best antivirus suites and even some of the best password managers, all have similar characteristics.

    NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor, which was released on iOS in November 2020, searches the dark web for the email address you used to sign up for your NordVPN account and sends you an alert if your information is found in a data breach.

    Security Made Easy

    The Dark Web Monitor is turned off by default, yet it operates automatically. If you’re interested, go to Settings, Dark Web Monitor, and turn on the Turn On button to get notified if your information is exposed in a data breach. 

    NordVPN’s brand new Security Score calculates your current level of protection as a percentage and offers recommendations on how to enhance it. 

    Our Score was a pitiful zero when we first installed the upgrade. However, connecting to a NordVPN server in our area increased it to 40 percent. We got to 60 percent by enabling Dark Web Monitor as well.

    Turning on the kill switch, enabling ‘auto-connect on launch,’ and setting up Multi-factor Authentication on our NordVPN account were among the additional settings modifications required to get us to a maximum 100 percent. 

    Who Is It For?

    The functionality is aimed at new subscribers who may not be aware that their current security settings are inadequate. However, simply by noting a change, having the app security level summed up in a single tiny indicator has benefits for everyone.

    If your device’s kill switch is switched off by another user, or if there’s a problem with an app update, the Security Score will immediately flag the issue. In the next day or two, NordVPN’s Windows client should prompt you to update. To see your current version, go to Settings, General, and look for or later.

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  • Online

    The Netflix Scam Going Around Australia

    Online security is again under the microscope as a new phishing scam impersonating Netflix has been appearing around Australia. In this scam the perpetrators attempt to obtain your sensitive customer data. Here’s what has been reported and what you should be aware of .

    Lifehacker Australia have also noted that this scam looks legitimate with official looking  Netflix branding and links that appear to lead to Netflix’s genuine website. 

    Variations of the scam uploaded by other users show some emails claiming the scammers could not authorise payment resulting in a suspended or expired membership.

    Aussies have been warned by Scamwatch via Twitter, they have warned on the dangers of opening and interacting with this emails.

    This scam has also been reported by many Aussies on Twitter  and also on Reddit. The emails do appear genuine as Netflix’s branding has been replicated well. The email requires receivers to update their payment information due to an issue with their account.

    Netflix Scam

    Scamwatch warned people to not click on any links that are provided in these scam emails. Instead if you want to query the email go to Netflix’s official site and check for any problems if you have concerns. 

    “Scammers are targeting Netflix customers in an email scam claiming your payment info needs to be updated,” Scamwatch Tweeted. “Don’t click on the link. Go directly to the website to check your account details.”

    So do you know what to look out for to identify potential phishing scams? Telltale signs of these phishing email scams include punctuation as well as grammatical errors. Phishing emails can also be spotted as they come from unofficial email addresses and sometimes use outdated or incorrect logo and colour schemes. 

    Emails or messages that request you to enter your credit card information or other sensitive information should raise concerns. Should you encounter any of these scenarios it is always best to close the email then go to the official site. Once on the official site you can check to see if the issues mentioned in the email are valid. You can also contact the company’s  support team. 

    Should you happen to click  on one of these links, delete the email contact the company via official channels and change your passwords. Also consider enabling two-step authentication wheenever possible. Scamwatch has more advice should you still be unsure what to do.