5 Best Android Smartphones of 2019

In 2019, we witnessed the largest number ever of interesting and high-performance smartphones with improved specifications and features. Brands from all over the world rolled out either a brand-new range or a new model within the existing range, with the improved overall design, specifications, and even user interface. So, writing this article on my favorite and probably best 2019 smartphone proved to be quite a challenge for me.

5. Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4

Having personally used it for almost six months, I confess that I am a big fan of its design and in some use-cases of the camera too. Apart from the stock android experience that unfortunately is becoming increasingly rare lately, the access to unlimited storage for all my pictures and videos and this without any compression is simply amazing especially considering the fact that the camera is quite fun to use and in some cases, the image quality is incredibly superior to most smartphones I’ve ever had. Priced at AU$1049, Google Pixel 4 is a perfect smartphone for individuals who are looking for a mean to experience the stock android interface and get access to some Google-specific feature sets.

But, despite all its features, there’ s just too much missing. It doesn’t have an ultra-light camera, really poor battery performance, and a bizarre lack of internal storage.

4. Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 is the most high-end smartphone released by Nokia in 2019 and is definitely a lot of fun to use. Priced at AU $1,099, it features a powerful Penta camera setup capable enough of capturing fantastic raw images with extreme detail, which you can tweak to your needs afterward. It also features a fantastic sleek, yet in some way, very minimalistic design that definitely feels premium in every way. Sadly, even though it features an impressive 120 GB internal storage, 6 GB RAM coupled with 3320 mA battery, Nokia 9 uses an outdated processor compared to similarly priced competitors. Moreover, the Penta camera setup doesn’t have any telephoto lens, which might prove to be a decision-making factor for many smartphone enthusiasts.

3. OnePlus 7T Pro

A very deserving of a spot on his list is the OnePlus 7T Pro. When this company started, they were in a league of their own in terms of offering the absolute best hardware at a much lower price. But recently, this whole category of cut-price flagships has become congested. OnePlus is no longer one of the cheapest phones to have the best hardware, but they’re becoming one of the better ones.

With OnePlus 7T Pro, you’ve got really lightfast, up to date software plus a lot of love has gone into this display. It’s dazzling! And as is becoming a bit of a trend this year, its display has a fluid 90 Hertz refresh rate. Besides, even though far from the cheapest now, the OnePlus 7T Pro is still cheaper than a lot of its counterparts. Priced at nearly AU$ 890, this smartphone lets you experience one of the best fluid touchscreens coupled with superior performance powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 8 GB RAM, and 256 GB internal storage. Moreover, featuring wrap charge 30, it lets you charge your smartphone to nearly 90% in just over 20 minutes.

2. Vivo NEX 3 5G

Vivo NEX 3 5G

Would you want to have a futuristic curved display smartphone? Well, then you definitely need to check out Vivo NEX 3 5G. If you fall in a category of smartphone enthusiasts who absolutely adore curved displays, then Vivo NEX 3 5G’s display curve is so dramatic you’ll find yourself letting out a little sigh of admiration every time you pull it out your pocket.

Moreover, to shoot in the deal further, it has got a great specification featuring a really great 64-megapixel camera, a powerful 4500 mA capacity battery and the price tag still $ 1000 less than the Apple’s finest model.

1. HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro

HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro

First on our list is surprisingly HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro, which, despite the ban from the US government, has emerged to be one of the most successful smartphones of 2019. What I personally like about this smartphone is its asymmetrical design on the front, along with its camera, which is absolutely fantastic even in a lowlight environment. In fact, from my personal experience, I believe its camera is as capable in the night as it’s in the day. Then it has got the newest 5G networking enabled Kirin 990 chipset, 4500 mA battery, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB internal storage. At a price of AU$ 1599, HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro brings you a unique smartphone experience, unlike anything you have ever experienced before.