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    PlayStation 5: Sony Finally Reveals the Long-awaited Console

    It is finally here with us. Well, not the actual product, but at least we now know what the Sony PlayStation 5 console looks like.

    PlayStation 5

    During the PlayStation 5 games reveal that aired on June 11, Sony also let out the design of their latest console that’s due later this year. Though that was not the initial plan, Sony had to culminate a surprise release of the Ps5 design, probably to prevent a possible design leak.

    We know so far that the PlayStation 5 will be the most powerful console created by Sony, and here’s everything you need to know about this powerful machine.

    PlayStation 5 Specs

    According to Mark Cerny the lead system architect at Sony, the PS5 will feature some powerful specs; a 16GB GDDR6 RAM, a custom 825GB SSD with expandable storage, an inbuilt 4K Blu-ray drive, an AMD Zen 2-based CPU that has eight cores each running at 3.5GHz to facilitate lightning-fast processing.


    The PlayStation 5 has ditched the typical monochrome color scheme used in its predecessors and comes in a white and black design that’s also shared with its DualSense wireless controller.

    It is important to note that the console will come in two editions, a normal version and a digital version. As expected, the normal version will use disc drives to run games while the latter will only play digital games. According to a random poll on twitter, it seems that most people would still prefer the Disc drive ps5 over the digital edition.

    The creation of a digital version is an indicator that console manufacturers are shifting their focus to a future without physical media.


    Sony is yet to confirm the price of the PS5, and that’s because they are yet to discuss the actual cost, according to Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s CFO.

    “What is not very clear or visible is because we are competing in the space, so it’s very difficult to discuss anything about the price at this point of time and depending upon the price level, we may have to determine the promotion that we are going to deploy and how much costs we are prepared to pay,” Totoki explained

    However, Jim Ryan has already hinted that the Sony PS5 price will most likely be a bit expensive compared to its greatest rival currently, the Xbox Series X. Also, the fact that the PS5 will feature some high-end components will most likely attract a high price tag.

    When is the PS5 release date?

    According to Sony, the console will be released during this year’s holiday – that’s somewhere between October and December 2020.

    What games can I play on it?

    Even though the console is incredibly powerful and aesthetically appealing, the games to be played on it bring out all the difference. The event that aired on June 11 was supposed to be a game launch and not the console reveal, and some of the games to be played on the PS5 include, the new Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo, Returnal, Sackboy A Big Adventure among others.

    I already own a PlayStation 4; can I use my games on the PlayStation 5?

    Another beauty about the Ps5 is that it will be backward compatible, meaning you can play your Ps4 games on it. However, Sony only stated that the PlayStation 5 would support “almost all” PS4 games, and did not confirm the earlier generation games.

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    Spot the Robot Dog Roaming ‘Robodog’


    It is no secret that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has greatly affected people’s lives all around the world. Schools being shut down and companies advising their employees to work from home are some of the effects of this global pandemic.

    One of the notable things happening at this trying time is the continuous emphasis on “social distancing.” Social distancing is a term used to describe a way of people maintaining a safe distance, usually one metre, between each other. It is highly emphasized as it is critical in reducing and possibly stopping the spread of Coronavirus. It is because of this that Boston Dynamics, a robotics design firm, built a remote-controlled four-legged Robodog known as Spot.

    Spot (the Robodog) has been enlisted by the Singaporean authorities to help in curbing the spread of Coronavirus by advising cyclists and joggers to stay apart. The dog conveys the message in a soft feminine voice using the English language. As it goes around you will hear it say things like “For your own safety and those around you, please stand at least one metre apart. Thank you.”

    The yellow and black machine is not only programmed to convey messages. Boston Dynamics equipped the Robodog with top-notch cameras and analytics tools that help in estimating the number of people in the park.

    However, the presence of a robotic headless dog roaming around has not been without controversy. According to a video posted by “The Straits Times,” the dog is seen to cause a lot of confusion and fear among several park-goers even those who are several metres apart. Basically, park-goers are noted to be recoiling every time the dog passes close to them.

    Some people are said to be against the use of the dog due to its capability to take photos and record videos. However, the authorities have addressed people’s concerns stating that the dog does not track or recognize specific individuals. The authorities insist that the dog’s sole purpose is to record the general number of individuals in the park, and that is all it does.

    Even with all of this controversy, the dog’s role in sensitizing the public and recording data is mainly geared towards turning the nation’s COVID-19 situation around.  With a population of about 5.7 million people, Singapore has recorded 21,000 cases of Coronavirus. This is among one of the highest reported cases in Asia.

    According to relevant sources, the numbers in Singapore have spiked due to mass infections among migrant workers who are living in cramped dormitories.

    Robodog in Hospitals

    Apart from parks, the Robodog has also been deployed in hospitals, particularly the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts. The aim of this is to help the medical practitioners that are on the frontline in the fight against the Coronavirus. With a two-way radio and an iPad strapped to it, the headless Robodog serves as a telemedicine platform provider. Some of the areas it is heavily used are; triage tents and parking lots.

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    Do You Suspect One Of Your Neighbours Is Leeching Off Your Wi-Fi?

    Here’s what you can do to ensure that this doesn’t happen in future!

    Are you not able to explain why your wireless internet connection has been feeling slower than usual? It may be that your Wi-Fi is being stolen by someone around you.If anyone is using your WiFi without your permission they are stealing from you. Despite what the below Tweet says.

    If you think this is happening you can do the following:

    1) Log into your router control panel, if you don’t know the credentials, it’s typically admin/admin. Otherwise, check your router for any written labels that looks like a username and password combination.
    2) Change your WiFi password to something of 16 characters, with no words. Make sure it has numbers and symbols, and that you can remember the password.
    3) Make sure you use WPA2 and TKIP or AES.
    4) Disable WPS (Pin). You should never have this feature enabled.
    5) Don’t share your new password with anyone.

    Change Wifi Password

    Within your router’s control panel, there will also be a page that shows you the list of connected devices. This will be different on every router but it is usually found under “DHCP” or “NAT” categories and this is the ideal way to check for connected devices.

    However, some routers don’t have this feature, and if this is the case with your router you may want to use a scanning tool instead.

    A scanning tool is software that runs on your computer and it scans the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to for active devices and displays these connected devices as a list.

    Unlike router web interface tools however, scanning tools have no way of listing devices that have been connected, but which are not currently connected or are offline. You will only see connected online devices.

    Important Note:
    When you change the password on your router, none of your devices will connect or work with your WiFi until you change the WiFi password on them as well.

    Changing your Wi-FI password often is a good idea, especially if you have given out your Wi-FI password to other people such as to neighbours or friends who are visiting you. By changing your password regularly you can be sure nobody will be able to continue using your WiFi for years.

    For more tech articles, reviews, advice and news read Jafworks.com

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    P2 Facemask; Tips on How to Buy the Best Facemask for Smoke Protection

    P2 facemask

    As the strong winds continue to spread across Australia, so does the wildfire. If you thought that wildlife was the only thing affected, then you must be tripping. A small digging over your science notes should remind you that the smoke from bushfires isn’t good for your health as well. In response to the severe haze, many people have turned to filtered face masks to help cover the pollution.

    What many people don’t understand is that not all masks are effective when it comes to protection against the harmful smoke. The good news is that with a P2 facemask, you can be sure of full protection against the harmful components found in the smoke from bushfire.

    What is a P2 facemask?

    P2 facemask

               If you have been to a construction site, then you already know what a P2 facemask is. Yes, they are those face masks that builders wear during work. P2 facemasks, also known as a PR respirator is a mask designed to filter particles from the air while reducing the spread of airborne diseases. The builders depend on these masks to cover themselves from the harmful chemicals that may be coming from the bushfire.

    Based on research, the smoke from wildfires is known to contain P.M 2.5 particles. These particles are known to be harmful to one’s health if inhaled. It’s for this reason that you are always advised to have a P2 mask with you always to cover yourself against the harmful particles.

    How to buy the right P2 facemask

    1. Know where to buy

    Accessing P2 facemasks shouldn’t be a problem as the masks are readily available. If you are looking for one, you can start by checking a hardware store near your location. You can ask the staff over there to help you with locating the right mask. Also, you can buy the gear online via stores such as Amazon.

    1. Consider the prices

    With the harsh economy, every penny is worth counting. When buying a P2 facemask for cover against smoke, it would be best if you considered the prices. The prices at your local hardware can never be the same as those in the stores such as Amazon. Over Amazon, you are likely to find competitive prices as opposed to the physical local hardware.

    1. Consider the designsP2 facemask Design

    Covering yourself against smoke doesn’t have to be boring. You don’t have to look like the others while walking around the streets. Therefore, you can shop around for fancy P2 facemasks. Most local hardware does have these masks in various designs. Also, online stores such as Amazon have face masks from various manufacturers. Therefore, you can shop for that one design that matches your taste and preference.

    1. Consider the size

    One thing you should note when shopping for a P2 facemask is that the mask comes in three sizes. That is, there is small size, medium, and large size. Therefore, when shopping, you must consider the right size for your face. To ensure that you get the correct item, it would be best if you tried fitting the mask before leaving the hardware, for instance.

    Note: Although a P2 face mask is said to be safe cover against smoke. It can only be effective if it fits you right and there is an air-tight seal around the mouth and nose.

    1. Consider time

    How urgently do you need the facemask? This is one significant question you ought to ask yourself before you start shopping for your gear. One thing to note is that shopping on Amazon can take longer as opposed to walking into a physical store. Therefore, although online stores such as Amazon tend to amazing deals, at times they might not be efficient. If you are in much need of the face mask, then you should consider walking into a store and getting the mask by yourself from the store.


    With the frequent bushfires in Australia, you ought to protect yourself against the smoke. P2 face masks are known to help with covering oneself against the harmful components contained in this kind of smoke. By reading this article, you will learn everything about the P2 facemasks from the definition to the usage. Read through the entire piece to gain tips on how to acquire the gear with fewer hustles.


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    The Best of CES 2019

    CES is the biggest tech event of the year and CES 2019 showcased a plethora of new gadgets that are set to launch in the coming year.

    Acer has announced a new version of the Swift 7, the 14-inch light, slim Windows 10 notebook, the company additionally unveiled their AMD-powered Chromebook, the Chromebook 315 that has Radeon graphics as well as a 15.6 inch full HD display, and will be available in touch and non-touch models.

    Samsung TVs will offer access to Apple’s iTunes. Yes and this means you will be able to access all of your iTunes content via your Samsung TV (2018 and 2019 models). Samsung TVs will also support AirPlay 2.

    Arlo announced they will be launching a Security System that has a multi-function sensor, siren and also a remote later in 2019.

    Asus has used CES 2019 to their announce new ZenBook models as well as a new education-focused Chromebook range of two traditional Chromebooks. 

    Garmin announced their Vivoactive 3 Music LTE. This iteration of the company’s hugely popular watch has an added LTE connection. This gives you safety features and additionally connectivity without needing a phone. It will initially launch on Verizon’s network however there was no announcement on other networks or indeed availability in other countries.

    Google was not left out, they also announced Google Assistant Connect, which has been designed to enable manufacturers add Assistant to their products in an easy and convenient way.

    HP seized this opportunity to update their Omen 15 with a fantastic design and also introduced a 240Hz display. This gaming laptop has the Intel Core i7-8750H, with a 128GB SSD running with a 1TB HDD and also has B&O speakers.

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