Do You Suspect One Of Your Neighbours Is Leeching Off Your Wi-Fi?

Here’s what you can do to ensure that this doesn’t happen in future!

Are you not able to explain why your wireless internet connection has been feeling slower than usual? It may be that your Wi-Fi is being stolen by someone around you.If anyone is using your WiFi without your permission they are stealing from you. Despite what the below Tweet says.

If you think this is happening you can do the following:

1) Log into your router control panel, if you don’t know the credentials, it’s typically admin/admin. Otherwise, check your router for any written labels that looks like a username and password combination.
2) Change your WiFi password to something of 16 characters, with no words. Make sure it has numbers and symbols, and that you can remember the password.
3) Make sure you use WPA2 and TKIP or AES.
4) Disable WPS (Pin). You should never have this feature enabled.
5) Don’t share your new password with anyone.

Change Wifi Password

Within your router’s control panel, there will also be a page that shows you the list of connected devices. This will be different on every router but it is usually found under “DHCP” or “NAT” categories and this is the ideal way to check for connected devices.

However, some routers don’t have this feature, and if this is the case with your router you may want to use a scanning tool instead.

A scanning tool is software that runs on your computer and it scans the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to for active devices and displays these connected devices as a list.

Unlike router web interface tools however, scanning tools have no way of listing devices that have been connected, but which are not currently connected or are offline. You will only see connected online devices.

Important Note:

When you change the password on your router, none of your devices will connect or work with your WiFi until you change the WiFi password on them as well.

Changing your Wi-FI password often is a good idea, especially if you have given out your Wi-FI password to other people such as to neighbours or friends who are visiting you. By changing your password regularly you can be sure nobody will be able to continue using your WiFi for years.

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