How to Keep Your Smartphone Clean During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, you never be too safe from it. The virus which spreads easily from one person to another is mostly grounded and not like any other airborne virus that takes a lot of time in air. One place the virus is highly likely to be on is on your smartphone.

Using Wipes

Using Wipes

Wipes dipped in isopropyl alcohol which has a significant concentration of the alcohol is one way of getting rid of the virus which might have made its way to your smartphone’s surface. You just have to ensure that moisture does not get to the delicate components of the phone. You should avoid using pure alcohol or methylated spirit as it has some negative consequences.

Stuck Dirt

This is the use of sticky tape to remove dirt that is located on those difficult to reach spots.  These spots include the areas around the speaker or along the sides of the charging port. This can’t be clean with a wipe and might be housing the deadly virus.

Using A Microfiber Cloth

A Microfiber Cloth

A quality type of microfiber cloth can get the trick done in case you do not want to use alcohol or any complicated stuff. You can purchase an excellent quality of this from online retailers. The microfiber cloth is a simple way of cleaning your phone and is also highly effective as it gets the job done with the least effort applied.

UV Phone Sanitizers

Phones have been proven to carry the most load of bacteria, more than even in the case of toilet seats. The bad news is that toilet seats get washed and cleaned more frequently than the phones. Some people have never even taken time to clean their phones which they have had for more than three years or so. Therefore, using a phone places one at high risk of coming into contact with the coronavirus. UV phone sanitizers would help get rid of bacteria and even the virus which might be on the surface of the phone.  For instance, phone soap is designed to make use of UV-C light to break down the virus.

Using Cotton Swab

Using Cotton Swab

This would be ideal if you want to thoroughly clean the hidden part of your phone that are hard to reach.  Spots such as the headphone jack, the memory card and sim card slots gather a lot of dirt which include some harmful bacteria. Getting a good cotton swab will be highly effective in cleaning this parts.

While undertaking the cleaning of your smartphone using any of the above methods, it is recommended that you have a safe mask over your nose and mouth. You should also sanitise your hands after completing the cleaning process of the smartphone.

The coronavirus has the ability of staying on a surface for more than forty-eight hours. Therefore, unless you clean your smartphone well, it might be an agent of the transmission of the virus. The above methods are effective ways of keeping one’s smartphone clean and free from the coronavirus.

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