48% of Your Battery Will Be Back in Just 5 Minutes of Charging, Again, Huawei Teases Fast Charging Tech

A new video has been put out by Huawei to tease its next-generation for fast charging. Huawei Watt Lab developed a new technology and claimed to charge the smartphone batteries 10x faster than that of a conventional battery. Huawei has said that smartphones will get charged in just a few minutes according to the setup shown in the video. Back in 2015, Huawei had revealed the technology itself, however the company is teasing all the techies again, maybe hinting an upcoming launch.

On Wednesday, Huawei posted on YouTube. According to the latest video, the company claims to have an innovative quick charging solution that will refill the battery capacity to 48% in just 5 minutes. The amount of charge will be enough for 10hours of talk time according to Huawei. In the video, Huawei said that the new technology manages to achieve “high charging efficiency” which is ten times faster than the current charging time, without sacrificing the battery life. As believed by Huawei, the new quick charging battery will offer backups in electronic devices such as smartphones, mobile power supplies, computers and electric vehicles.

Two videos had been posted by Huawei back in 2015 wherein one, within 2 minutes a 600mAh battery has been shown charging to 68% of its capacity in just 2 minutes. However, on another, 3000mAh capacity and having a 620 Wh/L and above of energy density has been charged to 48% capacity in just 5 minutes. The new video released by Huawei is somewhat similar to the 2nd video from the 2015, however the part for the 3000mAh battery capacity has been omitted this time.

In the new video, another interesting thing to note is that Huawei’s new technology is able to quickly charge smartphone batteries, the only thing is that there is a separate device for that. It means that to be able to charge their batteries, they will have to remove their smartphone batteries. So, the question is, would removable batteries will make a comeback or not? Huawei had recently launched smartphones in India, the Honor View 10, Honor Lite 9, and Honor 7X, and these models all sport non-removable batteries.

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