The 5 Best Accessories for Your iPad

In the past few years the number of iPad accessories you can get has increased exponentially. This choice has become both a luxury and a curse. It is now harder than ever to decide which accessories are the best, leaving many people confused about which iPad accessory they should get. That is why we are here, in this guide we will cover the best iPad accessories so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your accessory. In the list we have included our top 5 choices for iPad accessories in 2016.

Protection and Cases
iPad Air 2 Otterbox CaseProtection for your iPad is arguably the most important thing when it comes to accessories. As well as protecting your iPad, cases add a whole other level of functionality to your iPad – you can now use your iPad as a coaster or a placemat. But seriously, you can get some awesome cases which have kick stands for watching films and even battery packs built in which can double your battery life. Cases for your iPad are really important and with so many good options (such as the Otterbox case and the LifeProof case) out there, there is no excuse not to have one. These are some of the reasons why a case holds the number 1 spot in our list of top 5 accessories.

1. The Otterbox Defender Case For iPads
The Otterbox defender case for iPad takes protection to a whole new level. This Otterbox case for the iPad is the most durable and rugged case out there. Otterbox’s reputation for being one of the best brands for iPad cases is certainly well deserved. The defender series offers unrivalled protection to the point where you would have to be extremely talented to accidentally damage your iPad. The iPad Defender series case offers all round protection for your iPad with it’s built in screen protector. These are just some of the reasons the Otterbox defender case takes the number one spot on our list. Check out the Otterbox Defender Case for iPads.

2. FRĒ iPad Case By LifeProof
A great alternative to the Otterbox case is the FRĒ case for iPads. The LifeProof cases for iPads are seriously awesome and have plenty of incentives for choosing them. The FRĒ case is sleek and stylish and doesn’t take away from any of the functionality of the lightweight iPad. The cases also come with a 2 year guarantee! LifeProof cases for iPads are “4 proof”, which means they protect your iPad from dirt, snow, drops and even water. Being waterproof is the main reason the FRĒ makes this list, this feature alone is absolutely amazing. This makes LifeProof cases great for both outdoors and for karaoke in the shower. If you want to take the awesomeness of your case to the next level, they even have iphone cases with an integrated battery pack. Get a LifeProof case today.

iPad Chargers
Not having an iPad charger is a great way to turn your iPad into a permanent placemat, with no functionality other than putting your plate on it.

3. Lightning Cable
A lightning cable is a must when it comes to iPad chargers. It does the exact job it is required to do – charge your iPad and it does it pretty well if you ask me. The best lightning cable I have used is actually the AmazonBasics one. I have found this is much more durable than the Apple cable and it’s cheaper as well. If you’re in the market for an iPad charger you should definitely check it out.

iPad Speakers
Do you have an annoying roommate you don’t want to listen to? Well if putting your earphones in while your roommate is trying to talk to you didn’t send the message loud and clear (like the audio of the speakers below), some iPad speakers will fix that. iPad speakers are also great if you like music.

These speakers produce very high quality sound and are very loud for speakers that are portable. They are a very affordable price and get the job done. If you have an iPad it is most likely because you like the portability of it, so having a pair of speakers which aren’t portable doesn’t make sense. Especially when you can get such great speakers like this that are portable. To get the speakers click here.
iPad Keyboard
If you prefer using a keyboard for typing this is the accessory for you. An iPad keyboard is great for both personal use and business use of the iPad.

5. Anker Ultra Slim Keyboard
The Anker Ultra Slim Keyboard is the best keyboard for I have had the pleasure of using for my iPad. It is extremely light, so it doesn’t take away from the portability you have with you iPad. It is also very comfortable to type on. The keyboard connects to your iPad using Bluetooth and is also compatible with a range of other devices. You can get the keyboard here.
Hopefully, in this guide we have removed any doubt you have in your mind about what iPad accessories are the best and you now have the knowledge to go out there and successfully gear up on all the iPad accessories you need.

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